Dec 30

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Syracuse University

Syracuse University is offering ten $25,000 scholarships, renewable for four years to FIRST participants majoring in engineering or computer science.

Oct 25

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Make School

Make School is offering a $1000 scholarship to FIRST participants/alumni who apply, are admitted to the program, and go on to enroll! There is no required application fee and beginner to advanced coders are encouraged to apply.

FIRST?Scholarship Opportunities

Check back frequently for new or modified?FIRST?Scholarship Opportunities.

  • FIRST Scholarships are offered and administered by the listed Provider and applications are submitted directly to them. FIRST does not administer or fund any scholarships within the Program.
  • The FIRST Scholarship Program opens for the next academic year on September 1st, and new scholarships are added through April – check back often.
  • Click on the Provider name to view their website and learn more about them; Click on Details and Application to access further details and submit your application.
  • Most application deadlines are between December and April of the last year of high?school/12th grade, but be sure to pay close attention to individual deadlines and requirements.
  • Most opportunities are made available every year, so even if you’re not in your last year of high school, make sure to familiarize yourself with the opportunities in the program and are ready to apply.
  • Click on the following link to access a downloadable report of all current FIRST Scholarship Opportunities
  • Questions about the FIRST Scholarship Program? See our FAQ.
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